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Making the Film is a project that I have set up to document my transition into the world of film-making from an unrelated background. The project will culminate with the production of a low-budget feature film. The film will put into practice all the advice and tips I will undoubtedly pick up along the way.


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This web site has been split into five main themes. Firstly, the Diary, which I tend to update every time something interesting happens, or a milestone is met. The second theme is the Quick-Start Guide to Filmmaking. As I pick up excellent filmmaking tips from the pros, I will add them to this guide, which itself is constantly undergoing changes as the guide moves from an assorted collection of tips to a small guide for filmmakers. The third part of the site is the Interviews section. This began quietly, but has progressed beyond all expectation. You can find interviews with BAFTA nominees, festival organisers, special effects experts, and much more. The fourth part (and new as of Sep-03) is the Films section; this lists all the films I have heard about that sound like they would be of interest to young filmmakers. The final part of the site will be The Screening Room, a repository of video clips and stills. These will be used to store any short films, interviews, photography tests and image demos that I either make or am given permission to use by other filmmakers.

The project began on the 1st November 2001, and has two goals: firstly, to chart my progress into making my feature film, and secondly, to provide a one-stop resource for all those wannabe filmmakers out there who would like to get started and have a go themselves.

My belief is that there are many talented people out there who may have not tried breaking into the industry for cost reasons; if these people could be shown how to make a film for a relatively low amount of cash, it could revolutionize the film industry.

Given the low costs now associated with budget moviemaking, coupled with the explosion of the internet, it is my hope that any budding film makers out there who have previously been put off, will now be able to roll up their sleeves and have a go. My site will also save them the time of trawling through countless web sites, as the information on this site is all one will need to make a movie.

To demonstrate just how easy it is, I will be taking up my own challenge of making a complete feature film without any prior exposure to the industry. In this site, you can read about my progression and hopefully learn a few things yourself!


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