Hitchcock Gallery: Stills

Hitchcock Gallery: Stills
from the films
see also the Notes & Extras page
Stills from:

The 39 Steps, 1935
Sabotage, 1937
Young & Innocent, 1937
Shadow of a Doubt, 1943
Notorious, 1946
Strangers on a Train, 1950
I Confess, 1953
Rear Window, 1954
Vertigo, 1958
North by Northwest, 1959
Psycho, 1960
Frenzy, 1972
Family Plot, 1976

The 39 Steps: stills

Sabotage: ‘Who Killed Cock Robin’ sequence
various Sabotage stills
Young & Innocent: discovery of the body
Young & Innocent: the crane shot
Shadow of a Doubt: the Philadelphia opening
Shadow of a Doubt: the Santa Rosa opening
Shadow of a Doubt: Uncle Charlie’s arrival
Shadow of a Doubt: the dinner table scene
Shadow of a Doubt: the library scene
Shadow of a Doubt: the cafe scene
Shadow of a Doubt: the porch scene
Shadow of a Doubt: the garage love scene
Shadow of a Doubt: Uncle Charlie’s hands & wings
various Shadow of a Doubt stills

Notorious: shooting stars
Notorious: point of view shooting
Notorious: the wine cellar scene
Notorious: the poisoned coffee scene
Notorious: the staircase sequence
Notorious: Mother Sebastian
various Notorious stills

Strangers on a Train: criss-cross
Strangers on a Train: exchange of guilt
Strangers on a Train: the carousel
various Strangers on a Train stills

I Confess: the opening
I Confess: Father Logan’s walk through the city
I Confess: Mme Grandfort’s story
I Confess: montage of churches
I Confess: after the verdict
I Confess: lighting
I Confess: point of view: reaction shots
I Confess: religious imagery
various I Confess stills

Rear Window: the curtain
Rear Window: the voyeur
Rear Window: introduction of Grace Kelly
Rear Window: visual storytelling
Rear Window: after the dog’s death
Rear Window: the voyeur discovered
Rear Window: the confrontation
Rear Window: Jeff’s fall
Rear Window: point of view
various Rear Window stills
Rear Window: The Simpsons parody

Vertigo: Ernie’s Restaurant
Vertigo: storyboards & stills of the oceanside kiss
Vertigo: the transformation of Judy
Vertigo: Madeleine and Judy
Vertigo: “freedom and power”
Vertigo: mirrors and mirror images
Vertigo: the final drive south
Vertigo: dangling & falling
Vertigo: color design
The ‘Vertigo shot’ & the dream frame
Vertigo: Hitchcock’s contemplated changes
Vertigo stills: eyes, swirls, Elster, Midge
Vertigo stills: Hitchcock’s cameo, angle shots, etc.
Vertigo & Brian De Palma’s Obsession
Obsession: additional stills

North by Northwest: paging George Kaplan
North by Northwest: United Nations sequence
North by Northwest: geometry, angles, compositions
various North by Northwest stills
North by Northwest: diagram of the cropduster sequence

Psycho parlor scene
Psycho shower scene
Psycho: The Phoenix opening & dating in the plot
Psycho: Arbogast meets Mother
Psycho: Norman at the swamp
Psycho: Lila meets Mother
Psycho: Hitchcock’s skull effect
Psycho: lighting effects
Hitchcock motifs in Psycho,1: birds, eyes, hands
Hitchcock motifs in Psycho, 2: mirrors, police
The Psycho house and its sources
various Psycho stills

Frenzy: the opening, Blaney & Rusk
Frenzy: Bob Rusk, 1
Frenzy: Bob Rusk, 2
Frenzy: Inspector & Mrs Oxford
various Frenzy stills


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