TV Production and Element of Mass Communication

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CyberCollege® has hundreds of media files and thousands of illustrations. (Click on Index on the right.)

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One of the most popular features is a free, award- winning course in video and audio production. The title page can be accessed by clicking on the contents illustration below.Studenttvpindex

This interactive TV production course is now being used by thousands of students around the world.

forumThe CyberCollege-InternetCampus Forum can be accessed by clicking this icon.

Mass Media Index

The free Mass Communication course (click on the image above) covers film, radio, TV, magazines, newspapers and the Internet.

The most controversial feature on the site is fogFog’s Columns that cover politics, Freedom With Responsibilityreligion, and sex. Before his retirement Frederick “Fog” Horne had a distinguished career in newspapers and magazines.

There are also sAccident Scene columns on education and hundreds of articles related to the media, including the latest studies on the social effects of media sex (not what are commonly assumed) and violence (probably much worse than commonly assumed).TV Hypnosis

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