Sejarah Indonesia: An Online Timeline of Indonesian History

Sejarah Indonesia

Beginnings to 1500: the Old Kingdoms and the coming of Islam
1500 to 1670: Great Kings and Trade Empires
1670 to 1800: Court Intrigues and the Dutch
1800 to 1830: Chaos and Resistance
1830 to 1910: Imperialism and Modernisation
1910 to 1940: New Nationalism
1940 to 1945: the Second World War
1945 to 1950: the War for Independence
1950 to 1965: the Sukarno years
1965 to 1998: Orde Baru: the Suharto years
1998 to 2001: Reformasi dan Persatuan Nasional
2001 to Today: Gotong Royong

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Palang Merah Indonesia

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the 1945 Constitution

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All dates are C.E. for Common Era.
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This is a non-profit, educational site.
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