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This page is common for the English, Norwegian and all other versions.
Denne siden er felles for norske, engelsk og alle andre versjoner.

The National library of Norway. Until recently (1999), this has been the University Library in Oslo.
Note the ikon-like installation to the left, which has now been removed.
Photo O.E. 1998.

Some of the authors quoted. See also references listed in individual articles.

Pages where the individual authors or books are mentioned are shown in brackets [1, 2 etc.] following the author’s name.

Aarnes, Asbjørn [4]
— Bergson i tid ock varaktighet
Introductory essay in a Swedish edition of Henri Bergson:
‘Introduktion till metafysiken’, 1992.

Baudrillard, Jean [20]
— Fotografiet – lysets skrift/ The photograph – the writing of the light
Essay translated in part to Norwegian by Thor Varden and Kirsten Aasheim.
The weekly newspaper Morgenbladet, Oslo May 5, 2000.

    Don Quichote and his horse Rosinante. Sculpture in Buenos Aires, Argentina (the artist’s name could not be observed).
    Photo O.E. 2001.

Bjørneboe, Sven Kærup [2]
— ‘Oss svermere imellom, essays’, 1993
In Norwegian.

Christoffersen, Finn Owren (2004) [1,2,3,6,7,8,9,13,17,18,19,20,23,24,25,26,27,30,32,33]
Professional art photos on this site since 1999.

Damasio, Antonio R. [19, 26, 34]
— The feeling of what happens: body and emotion in the making of consciousness
Heinemann: London, 1999. ISBN: 0 439 00773 0.

Dehs, Jørgen, ed. [12]
— Aestetiske teorier – en antologi/Aesthetic theories – an anthology
In Danish. Odense Universitetsforlag 1995.

Dumont, Bruno [6]
— l’Humanité
Film, written & directed by Bruno Dumont. Cannes prize 1999.
Produced by Jean Bréhat, Rachid Bouchareb. Paris 1999.

Enzenberger, Hans Magnus [4]
— Akk, Europa
In Norwegian. Universitetsforlaget 1987.

Eriksen, Erik Oddvar and Weigård, Jarle [4]
— Kommunikativ handling og deliberativt demokrati
In Norwegian. Fagbokforlaget 1999.

Eriksen, Thomas Hylland [4, 8, 10, 11]
— Modernitet er ikke vestlig/Modernity is not Western
Article in the newspaper Aftenposten 18/11 -1996, search Eriksen’s website
Thomas Hylland Eriksen’s website
or here:
Aftenposten Interaktiv

Fisher, Roger; and Ury, William [1]
— Getting to Yes – negotiating agreement without giving in
First published 1981.
The online Norwegian libraries listed below have a number of references
to these authors, also in Scandinavian translations.

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang v. [13]
— Faust
Kommentiert von Erich Trunz. Quoted passages are from the scene ‘Im Studierzimmer’.
C.H.Bech, München 1994.

Griffin, Roger [15]
–The Nature of Fascism
Routledge London New York 1993 (first published 1991).

Grodal, Torben [16, 28, 31, 36]
— Moving Pictures: A New Theory of Film Genres, Feelings and Cognition.
Oxford, Clarendon Press,1997.

Hartman, Paul V. [6]
— What is Postmodernism?
Essay (6 kB) on “the world’s largest privately owned website”:
The Hartman Web Site

    The Art Nouveau style ‘Grand Hotel Europa’ in Praha.
    The Czecks consider they live in ‘the heart of Europe’.
    Photo O.E. 1998.

Horney, Karen [8, 15, 32]
— Vore indre konflikter/ Our inner conflicts
New York 1945/ København 1967.

Langkjær, Birger [24, 31]
— Den lyttende tilskuer/ The listening viewer
In Danish. Tusculanums Forlag, København 2000.

Lash, Scott [23, 28, 29]
— Informationcritique
Draft for Chapter One of Culture and Society Theory, a book to be published in the autumn 2000 by Sage Publications. This draft was available at Goldsmith’s College’s homepage August 2000.

LeDoux, Joseph [19, 26, 32, 34, 35]
— The emotional brain: the mysterious underpinnings of emotional life
Simon & Schuster, New York, 1996.
See also further references on Page 19.

Loe, Erlend [27]
— Tatt av kvinnen/ Taken by the woman
Norli, Oslo 1993.
Official homepage: Erlend Loe (in Norwegian).

Lundby, Knut [14, 21]
— Mediekultur/Media culture
1993, Universitetsforlaget, Oslo. In Norwegian.

Meyer, Siri [27, 28, 29, 36]
— Bastarder og maktformer/ Bastards and forms of power
In Norwegian. Samtiden no.1, 2002, Oslo.

Puttick, Elizabeth [2, 13]
— A new typology of religion based on needs and values
Published in: Journal of beliefs and values Nov. 1997.

Rawls, John [1, 10]
— A Theory of Justice
— Political Liberalism

Ringdal, Nils Johan [6]
— Verdens vanskeligste yrke/ World’s most difficult profession
Subtitle: The world history of the prostitutes.
In Norwegian. Cappelen, Oslo 1997.

Rorty, Richard [4, 12, 13, 21, 29, 36]
— Consequences of Pragmatism (Essays: 1972-1980)
Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1982.
— Contingency, irony, and solidarity
Cambridge University Press, 1989.
Translation into Swedish by Joachim Retzlaff. Studentlitteratur, Lund 1997.

    Sculpture at Piccadilly Circus, London
    Photo O.E.

Sartre, Jean Paul [18, 19]
— Skitse til en teori om følelserne/ Esquisse d’une théorie des émotions
Original edition Herrmann, Paris 1939.
Danish translation, introduction by Arne Grøn. Hans Reizels Forlag, København 1994.

Schaanning, Espen [1, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 19, 21]
— Modernitetens oppløsning/The loosening up of modernity
Spartacus, Oslo 1992
— The sick body in the perspective of history of ideas, lecture 1994, printed in the book Vitenskap som skapt viten/Science as created knowledge
Spartacus, Oslo 1997. Both Books in Norwegian.

Schumacher, Ernest Friedrich (Fritz) [17,19]

– A guide for the perplexed

Abacus, London 1995. First published 1977.

Sejersted, Francis (1998) [11, 28]
— Teknologipolitikk/Technology politics
In Norwegian. Universitetsforlaget, Oslo

Skjervheim, Hans [4]
— Deltakar og tilskodar/Participant and bystander
Essay in Norwegian, first printed 1960. A copied version appeared at the University of
Oslo in 1957. Link to the full text as used here (40 kB) is not operative 8/1998.

Wilber, Ken [13, 19]
— A Brief History of Everything
Shambhala Publications, Boston & London 1996
— The Transpersonal and Science
Interviewed in Network, no 67, August 1998. Norwegian translation in
Flux no. 16, 1998, see under Tschudi, Henrik B.

Other websites referred to
Norwegian online libraries

Picture of stained glass window in Notre Dame church, Paris [2, 5, 10]
Virtual Church homepage

Tomasmessen/The St. Thomas mass [2]
I have initiated another website giving some information about this type of ecumenic and Taizé-inspired mass and its background:
The St. Thomas mass – for seeking souls

Thema tour operators
NK Larsens Bureau

You can search for all books and authors available in Norwegian libraries at the following sites.
Note that all require the author’s name, if used, to be given as {last name,} {first name or initial or none}.
Search Deichman

    Sculpture at an Oslo library by unknown artists.
    Photo O.E. 2000.

Articles in the newspaper Aftenposten may be searched for here:
Aftenposten Interaktiv

The data base BEDIN, initiated by Norwegian authorities, is a unique means of
informing business and industry about all relevant public material regulating or
supporting their work, and how to find the details:
BEDIN industry authorities data base

Notes & comments

The translation of Scandinavian texts into English is by myself. This work has been demanding, and for closer study, the original texts should be consulted. The translation to other languages is my own work, except that Gianna Sorentino, Roma, has translated much of the Italian Vision Page (2000). From 1999 the art photographer Finn Owren Christoffersen (see the reference list above) has been involved in supplying his own photos for illustrating the hypertexts and discussing their editing.

The number of Norwegian-Americans [11]
The numbers referred to in connection with Norsk Høstfest are based on censuses in 1897 and 1997. The counting of ancestors is such that the forefathers and -mothers may come from a maximum of two countries.

Note on browser details:
‘Best seen with any browser’ – with your participation!
Tests are made with Netscape, MS Explorer, Opera and Mac with good results.
The title boxes on the Vision page and on the present page should “blink” on and off using Netscape.
The initials in bold have somewhat different size with different browsers.

About the author

    My name is Olav Egeland, M.Sc. eng./IT. (photo at right). I am myself author/webmaster of this website. Now freelance research journalist & consultant on cultural aspects, mediation etc.Member Norwegian Media Researchers’ Society; Member Norwegian Neuropsychological Society.
    Photo O.E. 1998.

You are welcome to contact me at this slightly camouflaged e-mail address:

olavae at online dot no

Feedback from readers

The number of article hits recorded totaled about 40.000 during 2003. See also the statistics available on the WAP net on a mobile or a PC emulator, as shown at the top of this page. For example it appears that the Spanish version of the Vision page is about as well visited as the English version.

From Madrid At Plaza de Colòn/ Columbus Square.
Photo O.E. 2000.
In 8/99 I presented a paper containing some material from this website to the 14. Nordic Conference of Media and Communication Research, in Kungälv, Sweden. My presentation took place in Workshop 18 on ‘Language and rethorics in the media’. My paper and some others are published here. Valuable comments and suggestions resulted from the discussions.

From a plenary panel discussion at the media conference in Kungälv. Looking for the cutting edge of the current media research. From the left (all professors): Sonia Livingstone, London School of Economics; Horace Newcomb, U. of Texas; Klaus Bruhn Jensen, U. of Copenhagen; Thorbjörn Broddason, U. of Iceland (chairman and representative for the next bi-annual Conference). Photo O.E. 1999.
In 5/00 I presented another paper at the CRIS 2000 conference in Helsinki, Finland: ‘Qualified journalistic illumination on the Internet of scientific theories and research’, in which this site was extensively used for illustration. The CRIS conference is a bi-annual event sponsored and administered mainly by the European Commission.

O.E. 1997-2004.

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